Ray Charles’s family and friends are sure to be upset by his mistress’ new memoir.

A woman named Marci Soto is claiming to have once robbed the famed singer blind (literally) in order to pay in full for her house. Wonder how she did it? Well, it was pretty simple. She substituted $1 bills with $100 notes after taking home money from a concert. The poor guy never even saw it coming.

Globe Magazine was able to obtain the memoir. In it Soto admits:

“I certainly didn’t feel like I was robbing the blind. I felt like he was ready to do something he should have done years earlier, pay off my house. I didn’t even tell Ray, there was no reason to know. I definitely wasn’t having a baby.”

Soto began her secret affair with Charles in 1968 while they were both married. They split in 1997, as she could no longer take his womanizing ways. The last time the pair spoke was just before he passed away in 2004. We’re almost positive she never mentioned the fact that she robbed him years ago. Sheisty b*tch!

Your thoughts?

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