“Beautiful Monster” singer Ne-Yo is hitting the headlines again and this time he’s dishing on why his album sales for his 4th studio album Libra Scale were poor. He explained that due to focusing his attention on the movie-based concept for the LP, he may have confused fans.

He told the Associated Press:

“I didn’t get to pay as much attention to the music as I normally would because I was so focused on the story line that the album is based off of. There was so much energy put into that, that when it came time to put the music together, you know, for one there wasn’t as much time and for two there wasn’t as much energy.”

The singer also starred in recent box office smash “Battle: Los Angeles” and acknowledges that going back and forth on both projects affected his song-writing.

“I was kind of back and forth with (both projects). It’s almost impossible to take the amount of focus to shoot a film like this and the amount of focus it takes to put an album together and do them at the same time.”

We agree. Libra Scale was definitely not your best work, Mr. Ne-Yo. We’ll give you one more chance though, just make sure you do it RIGHT the next time around.

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