Kendra Wilkinson loves to get freaky with her man!

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Kendra revealed that she and her husband Hank Baskett are down for quickies.

“One word: quickies! I’m all about those quickies. Sometimes it’s good to have some foreplay and all that, but quickies – I’m all about those.”

But that’s not all Kendra admires Hank for….who she also credits for being a real man who is not afraid to show his softer side.

“Hank’s not ashamed to be a man. Men out there nowadays, they’re ashamed. They’re ashamed to cry, they’re ashamed to do some dishes, they’re ashamed to cook. Hank took the baby out in a stroller one day in Philadelphia. As he was strolling him, people came up to him and said, ‘Wow, you’re a real man.’ There are guys out there that will do that, but it’s rare to see that. Hank’s not ashamed. He’s a real man. He’s a guy who will wear pink and not be ashamed of it. He’s not ashamed to do anything.”

We’re not surprised by any of this………

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