R&B singer Ne-Yo isn’t all that happy about his upcoming album Libra Scale being leaked on the Internet with its release just weeks away….but he’s remaining positive about it!

In a series of tweets recently posted, Ne-Yo revealed how he felt about the whole situation and how he isn’t going to let the haters rain on his parade. Check out what he wrote below…

Salutations all. I’m in japan and my album officially came out today out here. Today is a day that I SHOULD be very happy, but it has been brought to my attention that my album was hacked and leaked in the U.S. roughly a month before it’s U.S. release. Initially this angered me. It’s stealing plain n’ simple. But then I started thinking. Why do I make music….? To sell records, make money, or is it because I love it, love how it touches people, how it helps people? The honest answer is both… However, my love for music and it’s effect on people, outweighs my desire to simply sell records, or get that number one debut spot.

In a time where people buy their status and falsify their success, can those things really be that important to me? The answer is no. So with that said, I’ve come to this place of mental peace. No longer stressing people that steal the music, how it’ll effect my sales. The bottom line is, I worked hard on this project. The music, the concept, the whole lot is for the people, respect or not. So if you as a fan give a damn about me, buy the album when it comes out. If you don’t care, go get it off the internet. Your choice. Ether way, the music, the concept, the whole lot, served it’s purpose. It gave the people something quality to vibe to. I’m not solely in the business of selling records. I’m in the business of making art. That’s what an artist does, period.

So with that twit fam and haters alike, I bid you farewell for now, and leave you with this…. I’LL BE DAMNED IF YOU HACKER FUCKS GET MY NEXT ALBUM BEFORE IT’S TIME!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!! Have a nice day.

Well that’s the spirit!

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