Perez Hilton, the biggest douchebag in the world of celebrity/entertainment blogging, has vowed to take the level of douche down a couple of notches on his website.

The 32-year-old blogger says that in light of the recent teen suicides and the heightened interest in bullying, he wants to change the direction of his website (which he started 6 years ago).

Perez appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show Wednesday (Oct 13) and told her:

“I’m gonna do things differently on my website than I have in the past. I’m not gonna call people nasty nicknames. I’m not gonna go the mean route. I’m gonna force myself to try and be funnier or smarter or just do things differently … I’ve grown and evolved as a person, and I think it’s time for my website to change as well.”

You can take the a**hole out of the blog, but you can’t take the a**hole out of the BLOGGER! Peep his video message below:

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