Sarah Palin‘s daughter’s fiance/baby daddy Levi Johnston is apparently in the clear (thanks to his attorney) following a story alleging Johnston of having a baby on the way by another woman. Levi Johnston, who is engaged to Sarah Palin’s 19-year-old daughter Bristol Palin, was said to have gotten an old girlfriend of his pregnant following his break-up with Bristol, with whom he already has a 1 and a half year old son named Tripp.

However, Johnston’s lawyer is shooting down the rumors, acknowledging that he did have a relationship with Lanesia Garcia while he and Palin were broken up, and is well aware of her pregnancy, but he is 1,000% sure that the baby isn’t his and made sure of that before he and Bristol made up.

Levi’s  attorney exclusively told ET:

“We spoke with this young lady personally to find out if her pregnancy had anything to do with Levi before the announcement of the engagement to Bristol. We did not want something like this to derail the marriage. She specifically told us no and that Levi had nothing to do with her baby. Someone waived a check under her nose and now she has come up with this opposite [scenario]…. Lets be clear, this is not Levi’s child….However, we realize that a person like Levi is vulnerable….anyone whose name is out there in the spotlight is subject to these types of that regard, Levi is no different….you almost have to expect it to happen….and so it is….Levi’s focus will not be distracted by this….he will continue to move forward with the things that are important, working and making a living so he can support a family.”

Source: ET Online

That dayum Palin family is always involved in some type of drama! SMH…

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