Some people shouldn’t be allowed to be rich!!

Gail Posner, heiress to her father Victor Posner‘s Real Estate company left behind a $3 million trust fund, an $8.3 million Miami Beach mansion, and a personal maid to her three pet dogs, a chihuahua named Conchita and two pooches. The dogs have been known for living a luxurious lifestyle of Cadillac Escalades, diamond Cartier necklaces and weekly spa visits. Conchita has even been labeled as the most pampered dog in the world.

Well, these dogs obviously meant a lot to their owner Gail who left her beloved pets more money than her own son! Brett Carr only received $1 million after his mother’s death and is suing her personal maids for allegedly tricking his mother into giving all of her money away. Along with her dogs, Postner also left her bodyguards and maids $26 million. It seems like something about all of this isn’t right…

We seriously feel for you Brett! Anybody who gives a dog more than $100 is out of their mind!

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