Oh boy, here we go again… Another Disney star has gone wild! Last night on UK television show “Britain’s Got Talent,” singer Miley Cyrus performed her new single “Can’t Be Tamed” and lived up to theme of the song to a T.

The former “Hannah Montana” star dressed up like a gothic porn star and pretended to have a mini-make out session with one of her female dancers. The scene appeared to be a re-make of the Madonna and Britney Spears kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2003, however Miley didn’t gain as much applause on the sexy meter since she’s only 17 years old and Britain’s Got Talent is a family-friendly program.

Good job, Miley! Way to show how untamed you are. What are we working with? Lindsay Lohan number 2?

Check out her raunchy performance below:

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