Reality TV star Tila Tequila loves the spotlight and will do just about anything to remain in it! And we literally mean “anything.”

Last week, the world-famous attention whore was seen in Los Angeles celebrating the release of her new album Welcome to the Darkside and arrived on the red carpet of the event (almost) naked, wearing a very revealing “dominatrix” style outfit, complete with a belt strap bra barely covering her nipples. Once inside, Tila changed clothes and took to the stage to perform a few songs off her new EP and gave the crowd quite a show.

Now we don’t know who told Tequila that she could successfully pursue a career in music. But hey… she’s given everything else a shot so why not? Besides, this gives us one more thing to make fun of!

Check out 10+ hilarious pictures of Tila Tequila performing on the red carpet and on stage at her album release party last Wednesday night (May 12) in LA…

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