Pleasure P - "Introduction of Marcus Cooper" album cover

So it looks like Pleasure P has finally broken his silence on the headlines surrounding his name right now, and it’s looking like home boy is in major denial. Either that or someone is damn good at putting out a story.

Friday afternoon the R&B singer updated his Twitter with a link leading to his official statement:

The following statement was issued by Marcus Cooper p/k/a Pleasure P through his attorney Robert Meloni, Meloni & McCaffrey, P.C., 1515 Broadway, New York, NY10036; Email:; Tel: (212) 520-6090.

“All of the recent rumors and accusations that are being circulated about me are 100% false. They are disgusting and vile; and they are being spread by individuals with their own sick agendas. The purported documents that are also being circulated are forgeries. I have never met or known anyone by the name of “AGoldstein” or Laura Goldstein or Ashley Goldstein, which I believe are fictitious names. I have never been represented by an attorney named Goldstein. For someone to go to such depths to assassinate my character and slander my good name is truly criminal. My attorneys are investigating this matter and will take all necessary and appropriate action to protect my name and reputation.”

Dang, they gave a phone number/address and everything! They still get the side-eye though for denying the “rumors.” Something about this just isn’t right…

Pleasure P releases statement via Twitter

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