Video Spoof: Who's gonna hunt Chris Brown tonight?

Funny man Affion Crockett recently posted this hilarious video spoof to his YouTube page. The video is a parody of Jay-Z‘s “Run This Town,” featuring Rihanna and Kanye West, but has a big twist. Instead of the words, “Who’s gonna run this town tonight,” the female portraying Rihanna in the song/video is saying “Who’s gonna hunt Chris Brown tonight?” and the whole video has Rihanna, along with Jay and Kanye (both played by Affion) leading a manhunt to hunt down Chris, also played by Affion. The beginning of the video is completely hilarious as it shows Affion dressed up in a blue sweater and a bow tie mocking Chris’ Larry King interview. You’ve just gotta watch the whole thing… Continue reading to check it out!