Jamie FoxxActor/singer/comedian Jamie Foxx, who is currently on tour, is the latest celebrity involved in a nude picture scandal. But we’re not surprised. We posted a while back (right after Rihanna and Cassie’s nude photos leaked) that he too would soon have his day when everyone would be able to take a gander at his naked body. Looks like all that’s left is Jennifer Lopez and Christina Milian!

The picture, originally posted to Media Take Out, is said to be real due to the triple-threat entertainer’s lawyers hitting the infamously popular site up with a cease and desist order claiming the picture to be personally property of Foxx and for some sort of upcoming movie role.

Remember that piece of Friday Eyecandy that we put up yesterday of a man posing in a bathroom butt azz nekkid? Well unbeknownst to us – the man in the pic was actually actor Jamie Foxx!!

How do we know this?? Cause his lawyers sent us a nasty email claiming that the photo was his property – and that it was taken in connection with a movie role.

Who woulda known …


Continue reading if you’re interested in taking a look at Jamie Foxx in his birthday suit!

Jamie Foxx

Yeah right, we’re not posting that FULL picture here so we can get sued… Click Here!

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