If you are an overly masculine straight man that’s so confident in who you are that you want nothing to do with a hint of homosexuality, do not see this movie! If you are gay and take extreme offense at overly flamboyant portrayals of gays, you should not see this movie! Brüno is more outrageous and offensive than its 2006 predecessor Borat.

Sacha Baron Cohen plays an extremely flamboyant fashionista who takes to Los Angeles for fame when he is sacked from his cable show “Funkyzeit.” While attempting to become “the most famous Austrian since Hitler,” Brüno, launches himself into a series of jaw-dropping acts; while some are funny, others fall short and feel staged and contrived.

BrunoSacha outdoes himself this time with his targets. Brüno attempts to engage in sex with an irate and unsuspecting Ron Paul, states to a possibly armed terrorist that Osama looks like a wizard with a dirty beard, tries to hook up with a redneck hunter, and tells a “gay-curing” evangelist he has “blowjob lips.” But while these events are sure to leave the audience in a fit of light laughter, the 30 seconds of an erect waving penis jumping up and down, swinging around, and talking (yes, talking) will cause one to either laugh nervously or become disgusted/confused… or both. And while the extreme gay sex scene that lies in the beginning prepares for the rest of the movie, nothing can prepare you for the dildos, anal bleaching, and mime scene in which Brüno engages in fellatio and anilingus with the ghost of a member of Milli Vanilli.

While Brüno’s visit to a swinger’s party feels a tad staged, the bashing and violence that occurs while he makes out with his male assistant in front of a crowd of homophobic Arkansas residents feels too dangerous for comfort. At this point you begin to wonder how Cohen hasn’t gotten seriously injured making this movie. And through Brüno, we also learn how far “normal” people will go for fame when a mom agrees that her baby will either loose ten pounds or get liposuction simply to be a part of a photo shoot.


There’s no doubt that Brüno is funny. But while the character of Borat seemed to be good-natured and captured hearts with his natural silliness, Brüno, the character and movie, is over the top and at times forced. Unfortunately, half-way through the movie, the plot and story of the movie is lost, leaving one to wonder where director Larry Charles is going. In fact, e aren’t reminded the point of the story until the end where Brüno states his dream once more are we reminded the point of the story.

Overall Brüno is a funny movie but I would advise one not to go in expecting the same bang or innocent sentimentality that Borat held. And a word of advice, do not see this with your mom! I’m still surprised it’s not rated NC-17.

3/5 Stars

By: Kenni Nwajagu
Contributing Editor for Gossip On This

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