If you’re under 17 and was hoping to see Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new “Bruno” movie, you’re in luck! When the movie was initially presented to the Motion Picture Association of America, it was given the very risky (and very rare) NC-17 rating, meaning that even with a parent, you could not see the film if you are under 17. Naturally, the studio went back to the editing room and cut out parts of the film and blurred out some scenes, then presented it back to the MPAA for an appeal and the rating was brought down to “Restricted.”

When we first heard this we were a bit upset – a film should be seen how the director wants it to be seen without unnecessary cuts. But Universal would lose so much money with teens not being able to see the film, that it wasn’t worth the trouble. So what has been cut? The numerous sexual scenes has been cut down, some scenes have been taken out entirely, and expect a black circle to cover sexual parts (think Borat).

“Bruno,” Cohen’s film about a gay Austrian fashionista trying to make it big in Hollywood, is the follow up to his hit movie “Borat” and will hit theaters July 10th.

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