T.I. // K.I.N.G. Foundation Anti-Gun Rally in New York

According to Charysse Alexander, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia, reports of T.I. only serving two months in prison are completely inaccurate. She told MTV News that the Atlanta rapper was definitely given credit for his 305 days of house arrest, but that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with his year-and-a-day prison sentence.

She went on to say that according to federal sentencing guidelines, anyone who serves more than a year in prison is eligible for a 15 percent “good time” credit, which in T.I.’s case would mean that he could get close to 55 days knocked off of his total sentence.

Once T.I. completes his given prison term, he will still have to serve out the remainder of his house arrest term, which will only be about two months. Alexander said the confusion came from mixing the credit for his house arrest sentence with his actual prison sentence, which are completely separate terms.

Regardless, T.I. got off really easy seeing as the crimes he was convicted of would typically have landed him in prison for five or more years. So a year and a day with a little house arrest on the side is MORE than generous.

He reports to begin his 366 day term next Tuesday, May 26th, in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Forrest City federal prison.

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