Chingy at the 2005 Adult Video News Awards Show

Your boy Chingy f**ked a Tranny! Or got f**ked by a Tranny…

A transgender woman named Foxxjazell called into a St. Louis radio station recently, claiming that the two had sex! She started off by shouting out his government name (Mr. Howard Bailey) and when the DJ asked her how she knew his gov. name, she said “You learn things like that when you’re intimate with a person.”

“Was Chingy the giver or the receiver?” the DJ asked Foxxjazell. She replied, “Oh, he was definitely the receiver!”

She even talked about other celebrities, without mentioning their names… Wow!

And this isn’t the first time Chingy got mixed up with a tranny! Peep the pic above back from the 2005 Adult Video News Awards Show and continue reading for the video of the radio call-in!

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