Amy Winehouse Snoop Dogg

New reports are suggesting that singer Amy Winehouse and rapper Snoop Dogg sketched out a couple of tracks together back in 2008! But we hear they couldn’t finish them because they took way too many breaks to smoke weed and were way too high to finish what they got started…

A source tells Britain’s The Sun, “Amy came to the studio buzzing with ideas and the pair got on really well, even though Snoop turned up in his dressing gown with slippers on, which had Amy giggling. They were working at a frenetic pace at first but as the day wore on and more smoke breaks took place, the work rate slackened. By the time their studio time ended they had a pair of tracks sketched out but no finished product.”

Since Amy is in all this legal trouble (Google her, baby!), getting her hands on a visa to come back to the states to finish up the tracks will be damn near impossible. And isn’t Snoop banned from the UK or something like that?

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