What a crazy weekend! Here it is Tuesday, and we’re still talking about it. First we hear about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing, then we hear about a dude in a white Bentley on a “low speed car chase” in Los Angeles. Then we hear that the dude in the white Bentley was actually Chris Brown. Then they say, no it’s not Chris Brown. It’s DJ Khaled! Then they take that back, saying that it’s a regular dude, then they correct themselves again saying that it’s definitely DJ Khaled. They finally settled on DJ Khaled and then when the dude shot himself, some sites reported that DJ Khaled had comitted suicide.

The only true part about the whole story that a guy in a white Bentley, who was later identified as a former luxury car dealer (which explains the Bentley) named Mustafa “Moe” Mustafa, led Los Angeles police on a low speed car chase for about three hours in the area. After cops surrounded his car, he shot himself. They say all of this was the result of him losing his business due to the economy. Sad Story.

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