Flint police officers attempt to “crack down” on sagging pants by enforcing a dress code that requires all residents to wear their pants specifically at their waistline. Now, Chief Administrator of Flint’s PD, David Dicks believes pants sagging to be a “national nuisance,” he tells the Free Press. Dicks also thinks pants-sagging is “indecent exposure” and “disorderly conduct”; he wants to put an end to it once and for all. From now on, if you are caught violating this law, you will be subject to 93 days to a year in jail and/or $500 in fine payments.

In my opinion, I think this is both time wasting and unnecessary. Surely there must be greater and more important laws to enforce? To dictate how a person should wear their clothes inside their community, other than in a corporate setting, is an unjust and class-less law at best. Unless Flint PD plans on administrating belts, as ludicrous as that sounds, I do not see the saggy-pants thing going away anytime soon. To say pants-sagging is indecent and disorderly, that is your personal opinion, but it is not not right to speak for everyone as a consensus. And do not stuff your fundamental views or values down the throats of people who were raised differently than you or are in a completely different generation. If pants-sagging is not hurting anyone it is not disorderly; if pants-sagging is not suggesting anything lewd/sexual it is not indecent. I think that this is a perfect example of innocent citizens of these United States getting their rights stripped of them; this country is slowly but surely becoming a harsh dictatorship. Pretty soon there is going to more frivolous laws stating how you should look, dress, and appeal to standards. Oh, wait, there are laws like that already!

Now, we here at T2W do not endorse any type of retaliation towards Chief, but if you would like to send him your prayers you can do so HERE.

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