Jermaine Dupri recently posted a video to his Youtube channel of him undergoing laser eye surgery. Homeboy forgot his wallet and Janet had to leave rehearsals early so that she could put it on her credit card. He wouldn’t have been able to get the procedure done without paying first. Those people DO NOT play when it comes to getting their money lol.

I had the procedure done a few weeks ago, and if you’ve ever thought about getting it done … do it! Trust me, it’s not as painful as it looks. Your eyes are numb the entire time, so you don’t feel a thing. The worst part about the whole thing were those white eye drops you have to put in 4 times a day that leave a weird after-taste for about 5 minutes in the back of your throat lol. But seriously, it’s definitely worth every penny being able to see walk out of the house without putting in contacts!

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