Smitty feat. Chris Brown + Mario » “Tell Me” » LISTEN » (Full) » This is a leaked track from rapper Smitty’s new album, Life Of A Troubled Child, set to be released October 2007. The PDD-produced track, entitled “Tell Me,” features R&B crooners Chris Brown and Mario. Although I think having a rapper and two singers on this type of track is highly unnecessary, surprisingly, I’m feelin’ it! Besides, this will be a great look for Chris, he can learned from Mario’s experience; and grow as an upcoming R&B singer himself. And I still think that Chris’ label should have released his forthcoming album the same time as Mario, just to play with it and see, you know? And fuel a good R&B competition, similiar to like what 50 and Kanye had, rather than releasing him during the most anticipating time in Hip-Hop (Jay-Z and Nas). [ THANKS KEVINNNNNN! ]

Keyshia Cole » “Trust” » LISTEN » (Full) » “Trust” is a bonus track you can find on Cole’s latest, Just Like You, in stores noooow! OK, so, unsurprisingly I’m diggin’ Keyshia even more the second go ’round! She definitely isn’t suffering from the inevitable ‘Sophomore Slump’ penned on certain artists. She did that, if you don’t have the album, what are you waiting for? Go buy it – it’s in stores right now!

Justin Timberlake feat. Beyoncé » “Until The End Of Time (Remix)” » LISTEN » (Full) » Sorry for posting this again, but I passed out last night and when I woke up I had this terrible headache so, when I posted the song – it was sort of “rushed” and I couldn’t elaborate as much as I wanted to. This is the official remix, featuring Beyoncé, to Justin’s “Until The End Of Time”. You know, I loved the original, but I’m feeling the remix a little more so. I felt a sudden warmth, I mean, the vibratos matched perfectly; there were no jumps, skips, etc. in the song, with Beyoncé singing onto a pre-recorded track, the continuity was rare.

Mario feat. Usher ??? » “My Love” » LISTEN » (Full) » “My Love” is like an “unconfirmed” track, as of now, from Mario’s album Go!; it features Usher. If it was up to me, I’d go ahead and include this, it’s pretty solid to me. I’m just so glad Usher is back with new music! And, I checked, this is brand new! LOL, you heard it on Think2wice. (yes that is Usher) CONFIRMED: The other guy in the track IS NOT usher!

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