Naomi’s Community Service is O-V-A!Obtained from TMZ!

Naomi Campbell said goodbye, and screw you, to her five-day stint in community service. The supermodel left her last day of punishment with a bang, donning a no doubt punishingly expensive metallic silver sequined evening gown, accented with a chrome, cell-phone-retardant cinched waist. She worked that driveway like never before: no bag, no boots slung over her shoulder, perfect hair and makeup, pure diva-walk. What’s more, instead of the black Escalade that ferried her the previous four days, Naomi sped off in a silver Rolls-Royce, with a photographer right there to capture all the action. Her new man-friend/bag carrier was also in tow, but no one was looking at him. Sanitiation Department officials had no public objection to the defiant display, saying that what Campbell does the minute she walks out of the building is her business. The building, it goes without saying, will never be the same.

LMAO that’s some funny stuff! This chick made something normally “embarassing” a fashion show the entire week, and she looked like she enjoyed every minute of it! I personally don’t think the crazy ho has learned her lesson, but that’s just me…. Check out some pics of her yesterday, boots slung, after the cut!

Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell

Is it just me, or has anybody else wondered where the hell she got those damn boots from? I mean, let’s be real here … a girl like Naomi Campbell just doesn’t have a pair of dirsty (dirty + rusty) boots sittin in the closet!

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