Miguel Denies Billboad’s Claim that He Was Warned to Avoid Crowd Jump

Miguel Denies Billboad’s Claim that He Was Warned to Avoid Crowd Jump

Clearly trying not to be caught in the crossfire of a pending lawsuit, Billboard Music Awards organizers claimed they told Miguel not to hop his lil’ ass over the crowd. Now Frankie Lymon II’s people are responding with a professional, “No, you didn’t, bitches.”

Now sources connected to production say the Billboard Music Awards’ executive producer Don Mischer personally approached Miguel after rehearsals and told him not to attempt the jump.

However, Miguel’s rep said in response:

“The reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false.” Moreover, a source close to the producer claims that the producers “actually asked him if he was going to attempt the jump to make sure their cameras didn’t miss it during the show.”

Translation: Stop lying. If we’re gonna get sued, so will y’all.

The victim in question, Khyati Shah, has her legal mouthpiece telling TMZ that she’s considering a suit. But, Miguel’s rep added, “A number of attempts were made to reach Khyati and her lawyer after the performance to see how she was doing and whether any assistance could be offered.”


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