Someone Evil Wants Rihanna to Play Josephine Baker

How many more biopics does the world need? Hurry up and answer because by the end of this sentence, at least four more will have already received the green light. Although there already is a great made for TV film about the life of the iconic Josephine Baker starring Lynn Whitfield out there, a production company called Noosa Films wants to create their own version based on her autobiography Josephine.

The company reportedly recently secured the rights from French publishers, Editions Robert Laffont, and are already at work on getting the movie plans going. They even have a star in mind. Producer W. Lance Reynolds is hoping to convince Rihanna to take on the role.

In a statement, Reynolds said, “Rihanna is one of the most talented performers of this millennium and with her unique acting and performing abilities I have no doubt she will bring Josephine back to life on the big screen.”

Her performing abilities are unique alright. Rihanna is uniquely able to fill out arenas despite dancing like her left leg is asleep. I love the girl, but she’s about as consistent with performing well as Stevie J is with staying faithful.

This is Josephine Baker shaking a tail feather. Now have you ever seen Rihanna move with that sense of urgency? That is, besides to go roll a blunt.

Should Rihanna sign on for the project, won’t this be an interesting movie?

  • Alicia Malone

    The lady bombed in “Battleship”
    as much as I appreciate the performances of Rihanna,
    Josephine Baker, rowdy and dowdy, to the call of the moment
    on the stage, someone had better seriously educate and mentor
    this light-weight to someone on the dark side of hidden emotional pain.
    Can’t just act out the part, girlfriend. Good luck.

  • disqus_NCuVe2U88c

    I just don’t feel she could pull this role off! It should either be beyonce or a real actress. Though I agree Lynn Whitfield did such a great job with her protrayal, another one isn’t needed

    • Beyonce cant act. Jesus what is wrong with u ppl

    • Gimmie halle berry, kerry washington , even jennifer hudson if u want a singer but lets not pretend beyonce can act just because you like her.

  • Toronto T-Dot Canada

    She isn’t an actress…plus that story doesn’t need to be retold. It was already done by the beautiful and talented Lynn Whitfield. If she signs on. Josephine Baker story will be ruined….just like Battleship. Studio singers should stick to what they know….try to sing. She is NO actress! Putting her in a role like that is an insult to all those talented actresses who actually do this for a living. Nuff said…….galong riri (no bad gal I see) – a fake bad gal – lol.