Erica Mena Pushes Her Paper-Thin Voice to the Limit on “Where Do...

Erica Mena Pushes Her Paper-Thin Voice to the Limit on “Where Do I Go From Here”

The moment Love & Hip Hop fans have been waiting for has arrived: Erica Mena‘s debut single “Where Do I Go From Here” is here. The result? An auto-tuned mess that mixes J.Lo-isms with Ashanti-isms for a lackluster, uninspired R&B ballad that even T-Pain would shrug at.

No wonder Olivia couldn’t be bothered to book studio time with Ms. Mena.

Erica said in the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop” that she knew everyone expected her to do a club banger, but she felt like this ballad was the best way to cut through the noise and grab attention.

The sad part is, she actually might be right. Right now, with over 20,000 plays, “Where Do I Go From Here” is single-handedly trouncing the latest single from Olivia, “Sun Don’t Shine,” which has less than 10,000 plays. The music industry is so unfair sometimes.

Listen to Erica’s new single below:


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