Kris Humphries Is Taunting Kim Kardashian By Delaying Divorce On Purpose Because He’s Mean (And Bitter)

Apparently, Kris Humphries is blatantly refusing to let Kimye be great. The word on the street is that Humphries is dragging out the divorce proceedings between himself and Kim Kardashian ON PURPOSE for as long as possible to hurt her … because he’s just plain mean.

Kim and her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, are expecting their first child together … and even though they don’t plan on getting married any time soon, Kim would like to be UN-married from Kris by the time she becomes a mother this summer.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hosted a party on New Year's Eve (Dec 31 2012), the night after Kanye announced to an audience at a concert in Atlantic City that Kim was his "baby mama."

But unfortunately for her, that may not happen if her bitter estranged husband has anything to do with it … because Kris, being the mean jerk-face that he is, wants Kim to suffer for as long as possible, and he’s doing whatever he can to make sure that happens.

The NBA bench-rider is even going around bragging about how he’s holding up the divorce because he’s “got all the power.”

“He brags to everyone that he has that power. He’s said it a million times,” sources close Kris tell the New York Daily News. “They can’t go to court until his basketball season is over, so he tells people that he is in control of her misery. When he found out about the baby, he was bragging to all of his friends that he wasn’t going to ‘allow’ her to be divorced when she had the baby.”

Another set of sources are telling TMZ that Kim feels like Kris is being “spiteful and vindictive” by purposely delaying their divorce — which has been going on for almost a year-and-a-half — for basically no damn reason at all.

His own people are reportedly telling him to just settle walk away from the situation, but since he has racked up all of these legal fees on both ends for doing the absolute most, Kim is now wanting him to foot her legal bills. So there’s no walking away right now for either of them.

Kris is still stuck on the notion that Kim “defrauded” him with their 72-day marriage, and he wants her to admit to it, even though he has no proof what-so-ever that Kim hoodwinked him on purpose. He also wants the $2 million engagement ring he gave to her back. (He’s not getting that ring back.)

However, if Kris is waiting on Kim to admit to their marriage was a sham, he’ll be waiting forever. “She would never,” a source close to Kim said. “She wants to end all ties with Kris ASAP!”

But that’s not going to stop Kris from being an awful person to Kim, and forcing her to give birth in June/July as Mrs. Kris Humphries. One source said, “He intends to tell his attorney when they set a trial date next month that he can’t do it until late summer. It’s all planned and calculated.”

Dude. Really? Grow the f**k up, and move the f**k on!

  • Susan

    Come on Kim. Can’t you at least let Kris H. win one round so that he can have closure and move on. He just wants something, anything that would say “I hurt you and I am so sorry”. Maybe you do not even need to admit to fraud. Just say those words sincerely and give him the ring back (you can’t use it again) and he will be gone.
    Kim you are the one who went after him and severely disrupted his life. You used all the tricks your mother taught you (and your body) to convince him that you loved and wanted him. You initiated all of it Kim. You have no heart. You never loved him. Your baby will be heartless too because the frame of mind you are in is what you will pass on to the baby. Stop the hurt Kim Kris H.did not do anything that terrible to deserve this.