Taylor Swift Beatboxed with LL Cool J, and It Was Just So...

Taylor Swift Beatboxed with LL Cool J, and It Was Just So Adorable (VIDEO)

Adorable country music sensation Taylor Swift just became even more adorable.

While hosting the 2013 Grammy Nominations Concert Wednesday night (Dec 5) in Nashville, Taylor and co-host LL Cool J temporarily switched musical roles, with Taylor (aka “T-Swizzle”) breaking out into a mean beat-box — gangsta hands and all — while LL Cool J sang her song “Mean.”

“I’m 100% sure we’re not going to be nominated for that collaboration,” said Swift.

Yeah … probably not … but stay adorable Taylor! (Watch below)

Oh, and here’s the full list of the nominees for the 2013 Grammys if you care about those types of things. The show airs February 10th on CBS.

[Video via The Blemish]

  • Mo

    This is something that I would never expect from Taylor, but she’s trying something new that may help her in her music career.

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