Ghost Elevator Prank Scares The Crap Out Of Unsuspecting Passengers (VIDEO)

Ghost Elevator Prank Scares The Crap Out Of Unsuspecting Passengers (VIDEO)

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What would you do if while you were riding an elevator, the lights flickered off and when they came back on, there was a strange, ghostly little girl clutching a baby doll staring at you and screaming at the top of her lungs?

Would you cry, and beg for mercy (and/or your mommy)?

Would you shit your pants, then fall to the floor in the fetal position?

What about all of the above?

“Programa Silvio Santos” — a Brazilian variety show known for their hidden camera pranks — is responsible for what some are calling the most terrifying prank ever, and it’s hard to disagree with that notion!

Just watch below to see what we’re talking about:

  • foevame36

    LMAO!! too funny, but they could have given someone a heart attack


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