Rihanna’s SNL Performance: Brought to You By The Salvation Army and Windows 95

Rihanna took to the stage this weekend as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live. Unlike with past appearances, Rihanna didn’t take on any sketches.

So maybe she decided to incorporate the humor into her performance of “Diamonds.” That’s the only thing that makes sense for what ends up being a very bizarre performance in which Rihanna, wearing oversized camouflage attire that looks Salvation Army-fresh, performs in front of a disorienting backdrop that looks like a Windows 95 screensaver.

She must’ve been inspired by M.I.A.‘s penchant for retro, chaotic digital art but that shit didn’t work for her and it definitely doesn’t work Rihanna. So she shouldn’t have even tried it.

Her performance of “Stay,” a new ballad from her upcoming album “Unapologetic” was simple and elegant, but otherwise, largely unremarkable.

But seriously, her “Diamonds” performance looks like something from a public access channel show from Kazakhstan.

Watch Rihanna’s SNL performances below:

  • Samikai

    Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it sucks. Try to read a little into it… You are a journalist/writer for a reason, aren’t you? What you call “windows screensaver” is actually a continuation of fractals. Look it up. The peace sign, army clothes, and over abundance of nature throughout should have clued you in on the fact that there’s more to it. Just listen to the song, man…
    “Palms rise to the universe

    As we moonshine and molly

    Feel the warmth, we’ll never die

    We’re like diamonds in the sky”
    Eat a dose or two…. or maybe just sit under the stars with some moonshine and molly… and something may click. :)