Restaurant Gives Woman Discount for Having the “Best Butt”

Restaurant Gives Woman Discount for Having the “Best Butt”

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A woman who ordered a veggie bowl and fried pickles was awarded a special two-cent discount by Texas-based burger chain Twisted Root Burger Company for having the “best butt” and being the “best looking.”

Classy or creepy? “She actually laughed about it, she was rather flattered,” says Redditor caraficionado24 of the reciept’s recipient, who adds, “being attractive has its benefits, it seems haha.” [Gawker]

Apparently, the restaurant is known for its “jokey service shtick,” as noted by For example, customers are often assigned celebrity or cartoon character nicknames when they order, and there are at least 20 or so set goofy discounts in the computer that servers can give out, and “Best Butt” and “Best Looking” are among them.

“We have these random discounts we can give out for fun,” a purported Twisted Root employee said in a comment on Reddit.

Hey, it could have been worse. They could have called her “lady chinky eyes,” or something equally racist.

  • Chris Bordeman

    This story should have come with a picture of the butt in question. So we, the readers, could judge for ourselves. Journalistic integrity, whatever, you know.


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