Sheree Whitfield Leaving the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Sheree Whitfield from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” says that she will not be returning to the popular Bravo reality show next season.

Rumors that Whitfield had been fired from the show have been swirling for the past few weeks following Bravo’s Upfronts event in New York City, which she did not attend.

Now Sheree is setting the record straight, exclusively confirming that she is leaving “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after four seasons on the show.

The now former reality TV star (and former body builder?) released the following statement (via

“After four solid seasons of helping Bravo build the show into its most successful Housewives franchise, I have decided to leave. The direction the show is going in is no longer a fit for my lifestyle. I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness.

“I want to be part of something that empowers and inspires women to not only be healthy, but to treat themselves with respect. I wish the rest of the women the best of luck. I’m thrilled to say I’m now a free agent and am already fielding offers.”

Sheree also wanted to make it known that she was NOT fired from the show, and the reason she didn’t attend Bravo’s Upfronts in New York earlier this month was because she was on vacation with her family in Puerto Rico.

Sheree says that she will continue to focus on her clothing line, “She by Sheree,” and she’s also working on a new fitness venture that she believes will inspire people to live healthier lives.

Sounds like Sheree Whitfield is definitely trying to save face with this whole “I have decided to leave” and “I was on vacation when the rest of the cast was promoting the show” and “now I’m just going to do me” number. What do you think?

Real Housewives of ATL watchers … Are you going to miss Sheree on the show?

  • Gilberisko Bradlauko

     This is glorious pic and she is retuning  in realty show this is nice decision . she is health woman so inspire  her.

  • Imserious229

    Sheree was as boring as a light fixture in the ATL housewives, I am so glad that she is gone maybe Fake Kim will be next with her boring self also.

  • Apostles012003

    See ya—Bye!!!! She has the nerve to say the ladies on the show were overtly catty, get over yourself. She was always throwing someone under the bus, always stirring up some unnecessary controversy, and she really seemed to get some major gratification doing it. Maybe she can join Kim and Troy on their new show, as kim’s personal ass licker—–she deserves it.

  • sharma blair scott

    sheree was not my favorite housewives i won’t miss her i think she was too self absorbed she’s boring and broke good bye good luck with with sheree shato, maybe nene can give her some money to get shoud be next lol.