Rihanna Caught Smoking Weed in Hawaii

Rihanna Caught Smoking Weed in Hawaii [PHOTOS]

Rihanna jetted to Hawaii for another vacation this past weekend, where the “We Found Love” singer was spotted getting some much needed rest and relaxation as she lounged around at her hotel in Hawaii while smoking a blunt.

What was inside that blunt, no one (but Rihanna) really knows for sure, however, she tweeted the following, in reference to Drake and Nicki Minaj’s “Up All Night,” around the time these pictures were supposedly taken:

Sounds like Rihanna was smoking on some of that LOUD!

But apparently that one blunt wasn’t enough, because paparazzi snapped more pics of the singer puffing on a blunt of possibly some more “loud” (a slang term for marijuana with a higher potency) Monday afternoon (Jan 16).

Check out over 15+ pics below:


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