Pop Tarts World?? You can’t be serious…

A Pop-Tarts “cafe” opened today in Times Square…and let’s just say there is going to be some hyper kids bouncing off the walls! Kellogg’s fourth restaurant is definitely not a place for great nutrition…but all you with a sweet tooth prepare to fall in love. The menu includes everything from Fluffer Butter to Pop-Tarts Sushi. (sounds kinda weird)  Check out the list below for more…

1. Fluffer Butter, marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries
2. Sticky Cinna Munchies, cinnamon rolls topped with cream-cheese icing and chunks of Pop-Tarts cinnamon-roll variety
3. Ants on a Log: celery, peanut butter and chunks of the Wild Grape version
4. Pop-Tarts Sushi, three kinds of Pop-Tarts minced and then wrapped in a fruit roll-up

But don’t get excited too soon…the cafe isn’t permanent yet and has only been rented out until January when a decision will be made on if it stays or goes. Better enjoy it while it lasts people!