Wesley Snipes Will Spend 3 Years in Prison After Losing Appeal for Tax Evasion Conviction

Actor Wesley Snipes is headed to jail after losing his appeal of a prison sentence he received in 2008 for three misdemeanor tax charges. In April 2008, a Florida judge sentenced Snipes to three years in prison for willfully failing to file tax returns from 1999 to 2004. His income between those years was estimated to be close to $40 million, which was generated from Snipes’ movie appearances in “Blade II,” “The Art of War” and “Blade: Trinity.” Federal prosecutors said that the actor escaped paying more than $15 million in income tax returns by sending money to overseas accounts at the advice of delinquent tax advisers.

Snipes didn’t go down without fighting though. Before he lost his appeal, the “New Jack City” actor received the support of several of his Hollywood friends including famous actors and Denzel WashingtonWoody Harrelson, and TV judges Joe Brown and Greg Mathis who all submitted letters to the judge on Snipes’ behalf. Defense attorneys also filed 39 pages of testimonials and Snipes’ high school friends and employees also sent in letters to help the 47-year-old actor’s case.

It’s unclear right now when Snipes, who had been granted bond while he appealed his conviction, would be required to report to prison and where he will serve his 3 year sentence.

  • Shawn

    Who cares as to these celebs?! I think America spends too much time caring about what people with money does. There is so much other things to be thought about or entertained such as REAL ISSUES that effect ALL people. Who cares if Wes Snipes goes to jail? If Lindsey Lohan goes to rehab/jail? What Jessica Simpson did with her boyfriend?

    I think American citizens need to focus on their own realities and the issues that effect us daily.

    just a thought……oh I am not a hater either.

  • mel

    You big dummy, that’s what you get. If theres one branch of the Gov’t you do not try to screw over it’s the IRS everyone knows that!

  • Eric Renard

    Karma is, ah ah ah, Halle Berry’s permanent hearing loss..!! Yes, the rich tax cheat has been a man of low moral fiber and violence for some time now. He is the character who attacked Ms. Berry, smacking her so hard, permanent hearing loss was the result. She is so terrified of him, she steadfastly refuses to name him – but WE know, Wes…. Indeed, God looks high, but he sees low..!! Slither on into that prison cell, ‘Mr’ Snipes, this has been a long time in coming..!!

  • marioo

    please cite the law that requires submission of a 1040 form

  • philly_cheese_steak_gyrl

    Hasnt Wesley had enough? He paid and if you want to give a sentence, then community service.
    stop this madness. I am really angry they are picking on him I pay my taxes but would not expect to go to jail. besides,Wesley is so cute, If you are out there Wesley, You have my support! Sorry my emails stopped but i had some personal issues and finally caught them up. Keep your head up and make your money. whatever they do remember while they are trying to think it out, Yah has already worked it out. Any publicity is better than none. Coming from a Sista, I see this a lot within our community. I will continue to pray for you. A misdemeanor? SMH Be strong. :)


  • Mike

    Let’s see…..Roman Polanski drugs and rapes/sodomizes a 13 year old girl, spends a few weeks in prison, flees the country and is now free. Wesley doesn’t pay the man and he gets 3 years! What the f…

  • cocolover11

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  • tracy

    Who cares !!!!

  • switch

    @ Marioo

    Title 26 U.S.C 7203 makes it illegal to intentionally fail to file a 1040. That’s what this guy is going to jail for.

  • He’s human…we all make mistakes!

  • Kracker

    Run Nigger Run

  • Everett

    @Shawn: It’s funny how you post your thoughts about not caring for Wesley Snipes or what he does with his money under an article about Wesley Snipes, and what he’s done with his money.

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