Whitney Houston Arrives in Incheon, South Korea to Kick Off Her “Nothin’ But Love World Tour”

R&B legend Whitney Houston touched town in Incheon, South Korea this morning and was welcomed by the people of the Asian country as she arrived at Incheon International Airport.

Whitney is set to perform two dates (Feb. 6 and 7) at the Olympic Park Gymnasium in Seoul this weekend before kicking off her “Nothin’ But Love World Tour” to support her latest album I Look to You.

“I will meet Korean fans first on this tour. This is my first performance in Korea, but I’m excited as if I’m going on my first world tour,” Whitney said in an interview. “I will truly present Whitney’s music rather than just show many things.”



  1. Tony
    I absolutely love it she is so beautiful and I am sure that they are in for quite a show!!!! LOVE YOU WHITNEY AND WELCOME BACK MAMA, Keep your head up sister!
  2. Anna
    Sadly her first concert in Seoul last night was a disaster. She couldn't hit the high notes, kept stopping songs half-way through or letting her backing singers finish them for her. I hope it was a one-off, because although the polite Korean audience tolerated this, it would get her boo-ed off in a lot of other countries.
  3. TOM
    Just returned from Whitney's second night concert in Korea. Judging by Anna's previous comment, tonight's performance was sadly similar to the first night. Whitney's voice isn't even a shadow of what she was pre-drugs, etc. Very raspy (I'll Call it Kenny Rogers syndrome). She couldn't come close to high notes, except when singing softly...and, as Anna said, frequently let the backups finis the phrasing and notes for her. With the rasp, her voice frequently cracked (no pun intended)...and they even substituted a video of one of classics, rather than let her try to sing it. If Whitney were just starting out, she would never make it with her current voice quality. None-the-less, the Korean audience was polite, warm, enthusiastic and appreciative...even if it was only in honor and recognition of Whitney's prior greatness. On the other hand, her effort to reconstruct her life and get past the drug years is admirable, and I would sincerely hope and pray, she finds her way back to success, self-esteem, faith and comfort in her life. However, I don't think it will come from her curent vocal quality...but maybe some other entertainment industry or other self-fulfilling endeavor. I'd like to give her a break, and think that the voice was affected by a current throat or bronchial condition....but, I believe it's rather obvious that drugs, alcohol, and age have individually and together, combined to badly affect her throat, vocal chords, and voice talent.. I hope she can be true to herself, and find the right pursuits to help in her future.
  4. TOM
    Almost forgot another deserving, positive note about Whitney's Korea concert. She looked GREAT. Remembering some awful photos from a few years ago, I would have to say that Whitney looked beautiful. I hope she will carry that same beauty inside herself.