GOT EXCLUSIVE: Tisha Campbell’s Sister Tiara Had Her Baby

Well that was quick. has exclusively learned that actress Tisha Campbell-Martin‘s sister (and allegedly Diamond Blue from Pretty Ricky‘s baby mama) Tiara gave birth to a baby girl Sunday night (Jan 24), about 4 months shy of her original due date. Her sister Toya reached out to us and gave us all of the details, saying that stress caused Tiara to develop a condition related to high blood pressure, which forced doctors to go in and take the baby out in order to save both her and the baby.

“While we were on a plane Sunday on our way to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Tiara had a headache and was very dizzy, so I felt her head and she had a fever,” Toya Campbell (another one of Tisha’s sisters) told Gossip On This exclusively. “So as soon as we got to LAX airport, Tiara was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said her temperature was 103.5 degrees and her blood pressure was really high,” she continued. “The doctor said they had to take the baby out right then because they both were at risk of dying.”

Doctors told Tiara and her family that “due to a combination of high blood pressure and stress,” she developed a serious condition that affects about 5% of pregnant women worldwide known as preeclampsia, which forced the doctors to take extreme measures and take the baby out via Caesarian section (or “c-section”),

Toya told us that despite the complications, both mom, 21, and the newborn baby are “doing great” and she and her family are thankful that both she and Tiara are alive.

Tisha Campbell’s husband, actor Duane Martin, reached out to Gossip On This exclusively last week and let us in on some information involving his sister-in-law and future niece. According to Martin himself, Tiara, Tisha’s 21-year-old sister, got into a relationship with Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith from Pretty Ricky and “one thing lead to another” and she got pregnant.

When Tiara contacted Blue about the situation, he constantly denied the baby being his and later ignored her phone calls. So she went into a state of depression and her brother-in-law Duane wasn’t having that.

“I’m a father, so if I have to blast him to make him become a father, then I will do just that,” Duane told us. “Tisha has five sisters and one brother and she cares for them very much, so to hear that her sister wants to abort the baby because she feels like she made a mistake hurts Tisha,” he continued. “When you mess with my wife or my family then I become upset, especially when I tried to reach out to him in the beginning, instead of taking it to the next level.”

Toya Campbell, 24, another one of Tisha’s younger sisters told us that Tiara stressed a lot during her entire 5 month pregnancy, which caused her to develop preeclampsia and the doctors had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy and try to save the baby in order to save both of their lives.

Toya and the rest of her family also wanted us to let people out there know this:

“To anybody who is stressing while they’re pregnant… Please don’t. Preeclampsia happened to [Tiara] and it can happen to anybody…”

We’re not 100% sure if Blue is the baby’s daddy or not but we wouldn’t be surprised if the DNA results revealed that he is.

Tiara and her family assure us that DNA testing will be done as soon as the baby is stable enough. And they said we’ll be the first to know when the results come back, so stay tuned!


    That would be so embarrassing to him and his career if that baby is his. If it is his, he should be disappointed on how he did her and stress her out bc of his stupidity.

  • Lisa

    Okay, I was completely on Tiara’s side on this whole issue, but she’s lost my respect now, and serious credibility points. Why the hell MAURY? She wants to do this THEE MOST ignorant-ass, ghetto way possible? Are you KIDDING ME???? UGH!


    All she has to do is get the damn test done, and release the results to GOT. The world will find out quickly enough. I disagree with getting a gossip blog involved anyway, but hey…they had to do what they had to do….so I understand that. And “Diamond” is coming off as a complete asshole and JOKE who needed to be called out and needs to be severely bitch-slapped multiple times. Little bitch-boy.

    But in my eyes now, Tiara has lost what grace and dignity I THOUGHT she had (and my respect) by going on this ridiculous, embarassing, ghetto-ass mockery of a JOKE of a show. What is she THINKING????

    Tisha, Duane, it’s not too late…please stop her. Help the girl see some sense, and help her maintain her perceived grace and dignity. If she’s doing it for the free DNA test, give the girl some money to pay for it. Don’t let her go out like and ignorant and embarrassing chickenhead. She’s got to think MORE of herself and her sense of self-worth. Please…..

  • Lisa

    Tiara, if you’re reading this, visit rhymes with snitch .com, and see what other readers have to say. I’m not the only one who thinks you’re screwing yourself PR-wise with this ridiculousness.

  • That’s crazy it had to come to this! Smh

  • tunni

    That is suck a sad story, but preeclampsia does not happen from stress. And as of 5 months thats only 20 weeks and no baby is even viable. You need to look up the true definition of pre-e and see how it occurs. But hopefully her baby and her are doing well. Also DNA test can be down before babies are born when u r earlt in ur pregnancy. FYI

  • allure britney searl

    Has there been any developments regarding this story on gossip on this website has there been a dna test between blue and tiara?