MUSIC VIDEO: Leona Lewis – “I See You”

MUSIC VIDEO: Leona Lewis – “I See You”

MUSIC VIDEO: Leona Lewis - "I See You"

Here is “I See You,” Leona Lewis‘ brand new music video for her new single, which is the theme for the new movie “Avatar,” due to hit theaters nationwide this Friday (Dec. 18).

This song will be player during the closing credits of the highly anticipated blockbuster movie and comes from the same group of people who produced Celine Dion‘s “My Heart Will Go On” from the classic movie “Titanic.”

Leona’s “I See You” music video was directed by Jake Nava and you can check it out when you continue reading!

  • avatarfan

    If you like that check this girl out, she sings it amazing while dressed head 2 toe as a very convincing avatar! :-


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