Rihanna is Proud of Her Booty … ‘Cause Guys Like It!

Rihanna is Proud of Her Booty … ‘Cause Guys Like It!


“I have egg whites and pineapple for breakfast with hot water and lemon,” the Barbados beauty, 20, tells the News of the World’s Fabulous magazine. “For lunch I have fish and potatoes. I hate vegetables, but I make myself eat them. For dinner I have fish again.

“I keep working at it [she’s referring to her booty now, lol — Dustin] as I want it to be perfect,” she says. “It makes my clothes look good – and guys like it!”

  • MG

    What booty?

  • MG

    Her dancers look old!

  • justfine

    I think Rihanna is so slutty and just plain nasty. She sells sex to the fullest and as a straight female, it’s disgusting to see. It’s pathetic that she stuffs her face just so she can get thick legs and try to get a big booty like her “idol.” She needs to stop bending her ass over and spreading her couche onstage.

  • iFresh

    #3 I only agree with that “stop bending her ass over and spreading her couche onstage” part

  • Es

    lol true true @ justfine!

  • Bella

    she has thick legs but no butt.

  • CeCe_Duh

    what the hell? WUT BUTT?????? kim karshidian[sp?] HAS MORE BUTT THAN HER! && “i eat fish for lunch, fish for dinner, pineapples for bfast” EVERYDAY?? no u dont. gtfoh. i saw a pic of her @ kfc w| her BROTHER/bOyfriend ;; Chris Brown. ………….kfc sell fish?

  • Me_knows

    You are soo right CECE_DUH! She is so fake and ..she has no butt and thick and ugly legs ..gesh girl ..you better before ..now ..you’re just plain ..

  • Rihanna gal u got big thighs n nt-so-nice legs.And 4 the record if u cme to South Africa n kept sayin u hve a booty people would laugh at you.Gal ur booty is nt big,it sould b an african full booty wit nice legs.And stop lyin girl and bendin ova.And oh girl u cant dance u 2 stiff!

  • a(j)o(n)e(s)

    NASA. No Ass Sat Tall

  • RIAH

    Riahnna aint got nuthin! she is a slut and under all that make up she is just a regular person like all of us. Hollywood make her look like she perfect but she not. Chris brown said he wanted a girl with a booty, hips, thighs, and is cute. rihanna aint gotno chest, n she need to stop bending over like she got a booty and spreadong her crotch everywhere. Chris brown wAKE UP BEFOR U MAKE A MISTAKE!!! LUV U

  • all y’all some damn haters!! how is she a slut and fake? yea she ain’t got no booty but she’s not a slut. she’s nothing compared to other artists that takes off her clothes all the time. i’m starting to like her more and now some people want to hate because she’s famous. fuck haters!! rihanna keep doing the damn thing.

  • menaka

    i totalllly love all u ppl… ive hated rihanna for agesss and wondered what alll the hype was about.. average looks, average body, average voice, but so much drama.. the amount of fake affectation she puts into her voice makes me sick.. gimme a real singer like j lo or beyonce any day!

  • Dnm

    I think she’s beautiful


    First of all Rhianna does not have ugly legs. Her legs look good and nice thighs. For the record neither she or Beyonce have big booties. Rhianna has nice thick legs but not ass, Beyonce has thick hips and thighs and a wide ass (not big). Theres a difference between width and volume. Sorry.

  • AJ

    Yeah Briit you ain’t never lied… neither her or beyonce have ass. Their just wide and thats not hot but america keeps lying to these bitches and telling them their more then they are. Its sad when a non black female like kim kardashian has more ass then you. Bey and Rih need to go to brazil and get that butt lift thing done or get injections… somethin cause thats not hot.

  • you are sexy
    i wanna bang yo ass

  • rihanna is a hater just because she dont got no funkin butty and thats why chris brown had fuck her up and thats why she is ugly and dont got no butt

  • she dont got no butt and thats why chris brown fuckin beat her up and thats why she is ugly and she do need to go to Brazil and get a new butt she just a mother fuckin hater and im not a fan of hers

  • Nadia

    First off, rihanna is gorgeous! And she is all natural! Unlike 98% of celebs in hollywood that have had at least one cosmetic surgery. Kim kardashian on the other hand has breast implants, top lip injections, her ass done, and her nose done. So stop comparing her to other people. Rihanna is beautiful the way she is. Only unhappy people get cosmetic surgery. Rihanna has so much confidence in herself and image and she has no problem showing it! And also beyonce wears butt pads and hip pads, that’s also fake and being unhappy. There are different types of beauty and she’s beautiful the way she is. She has a small waist, beautiful eyes, gorgeous complexion, nice long thick legs and a butt that fits her petite figure! It’s all about being proportionate. And her body is stunning. People would kill to be slim with thick legs. She’s famous, rich and beautiful than you’ll haters ever be. If you guys have to sit here and write these rude ignorant comments then you’re the ugly ones here not her.

  • Alysha

    @BRITT: FINALLY someone sets the record straight on Beyonce’s “big booty”. Whew. ;]