Poor Daddy Knowles. Even though Solange included him on one of the skits for her critically acclaimed album A Seat at the Table, it seems like Beyoncé is still keeping her distance when it comes to her daddy.

While Tina Knowles was in on the secret that Beyoncé was pregnant and expecting twins well before the world, Mathew Knowles, her daddy, was not in the know.

The former manager of Destiny’s Child, the dynamic girl-group that gave Beyoncé her platform, sat down with ET to dish on how out of the loop he was about Beyoncé’s pregnancy. Hmmm…perhaps Mathew wasn’t let in on the secret due to his inclination for sitting in front of the cameras and spilling all of her business to the media?

Just a thought. Here’s Mathew’s interview and commentary on ET about his famous daughter’s latest pregnancy.

Truth be told, Mathew ain’t gonna know when Beyoncé’s water breaks cause Bey and Jay know ol’ loose lips will sell all of their info to TMZ for a quick buck. Y’all know how much child support Daddy Mathew done racked up? He gets his coins wherever, whenever these days.

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