When Sookie and Bill enter Faerieland and discover a weakened and bloody Warlow, it’s obvious that Eric has drunk of the half-faery’s glorious blood and he can now walk in the sunlight too!

Sookie refuses to let Bil take her newly crowned kinky sex partner out of Fairyland. She tells him that Eric has enough of Warlow’s blood in him to save the endangered vamps that are about to meet the sun. She then blasts him back to the real world.

Once they’re alone, Warlow asks Sookie if she came to him intending to be his, and she assures him that she had (or maybe still has?) every intention of becoming his faery vampire bride, before Eric almost killed him.

Eric makes his way into vamp camp, leaving a trail of bloody human corpses behind. This is now the second episode in which we’ve seen Bill come upon the scene of a crime and angrily mutter, “Eric.”

Eric punishes Dr. Overlark — who is responsible for creating Hep V, which killed Eric’s sister Nora — by ripping out his genitals from his crotch, and a little later, when Bill comes across him, he stomps his head off (Ryan Gosling in “Drive” style).

Eric then sets the vampires at the camp lose so that they can kill their captors and it’s glorious.

Terry’s funeral gets underway and it’s the biggest postmortem gathering since Gran died–which is saying something about the popularity of the other dearly departed characters.

Andy gives a moving speech about his cousin and relives a moment that they shared when Terry first came back from combat. Sam does the same, remembering back to when he first encountered the shell shocked vet and how he treated a fish with humanity because it was a “living thing.

A heavily eye-shadowed Lafayette also joins in pretty much remembering how messed up Terry was before Merlotte’s.

Portia (aka the great-great-great-great-granddaughter Bill accidentally slept with) manages to bring up a pleasant memory of Terry, as does Sookie, who gives her telepathic take on who he was, telling Arlene that she never told her this, but she knew Terry loved her from the first day he laid eyes on her.

Arlene tearfully tells guests at the funeral that Terry was her “rock” and relives how he calmed her down after the birth of their son.

It’s somewhat odd and disappointing that the writers chose to devote much of the second to last episode in an abbreviated season to a character that’s no longer on the show. Guess they needed some type of break from the gory suspense of the vamp storyline.

As the vamps tear apart the very people that abused and experimented on them, Eric finds a wounded Jason and “heals him” with his blood, essentially assuring that Jason will have raunchy sex dreams about him (see: Jason’s sensual shaving dream about Warlow). Eric then seeks out Pam’s therapist, who confidentially admits that he had sex with her in exchange for her release from solitary confinement.

Bill makes his way into the room where much of his vamp family is being held and lets them feed on him, so that they can survive when bat shit crazy Sarah Newlin lets the sunlight in. Eric joins them shortly thereafter and makes sure that Steve Newlin doesn’t get any of the sweet faery blood coursing through Bill’s veins. Hilariously (thought it’s not a surprise), Steve proclaims his love for none other than Jason just before he bursts into flames.

Of course, the vamps subsequently become high off Bill’s blood and in a rather enjoyable moment, they all take wallow in the sun and destroy the tainted shipments of Tru Blood.

Jason chases Sarah from the facility and knocks her to the ground. After calling her on her “Jesus” bullshit and almost blowing her head off, he decides to let her go. Something tells us a truly grandiose death awaits her and we can hardly contain our excitement.

Drained from giving so much of his blood, Bill is told by Lilith’s blood-soaked sirens that his “time on Earth is over,” to which he replies, “I’m not going anywhere.” Thanks to Jessica and our favorite non-raping vampire James, he keeps his world and lives.

In the episode’s touching conclusion, Pam and Eric come face to face and Pam begs her maker not to leave her. Despite her plea, he shoots out of there, leaving her (once again) devastated. Where the hell did he go? Guess we’ll have to find out next week!



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