Last night’s emotional and surprising episode of “True Blood” proved to be an extension of the show’s massive winning streak.

Escape From Camp Doom

As Nora weakens from being injected with Hep V, Willa rushes to alert Pam that the Tru Blood drinks have been poisoned. Aware that there has been a breach, the guards rush to secure their vampire prisoners. Eric and Nora escape by clinging to the bottom of one of the trucks shipping the contaminated beverages.

Willa warns Pam (who is less than thrilled to see her) about the Hep V. Pam wants to warn Tara and Jessica about this but says “fuck everyone else.” Though Willa wants to warn as many vamps as possible, Pam knows it won’t end well if the guards find out they know anything.

The Race to Save Nora

Eric brings Nora to Bill’s house and pleads, “If you are God, please heal her for me.” Nora refuses because she’d rather die than have Lilith’s blood. Bill insists on honoring Nora’s dying wish. Distraught, Eric pleads with him to save her anyway. In return he’ll do whatever Bill wants. He also admits that he “believes in him.”

Bill informs Eric that he can see the future and asks that he help prevent his vision of Tara, Pam, and Jessica meeting the sun from becoming a reality. He explains to Eric that he was included in the vision and if they are to intervene, they are going to need Warlow to do it.

Eric agrees as long as Bill saves Nora. Bill obliges but his blood fails to revive her. A panicked Eric begs him to find Warlow so that Nora can have his blood. It’s always entertaining when Eric and Bill join forces, and it’s been far too long since they have.

Another Vamp Bites the Dust

As he waits for Bill to return, Eric tearfully pleads with the spirit of Godric to give Nora one more chance. In a flashback, Eric recalls saving Nora from dying of the plague and assuring ger that she would “live forever.”  Shortly thereafter, Nora crumbles into a pile of goo and Eric is inconsolable. As sad as it is, we’ve always loved vulnerable Eric.

The Cover-Up

Sarah Newlin arrives at Governor Burrell’s home only to discover his decapitated body. She then proceeds to cradle and kiss his severed head and declare that his death “was not in vain” and all God’s plan. Something tells us that everyone should stay out of this crazy lady’s path.

She then comes up with a bat shit crazy plan to cover up the governor’s death so that the anti-vampire movement can still advance forward. Her plan is to allow the poisoned Tru Blood to kill off the vampire race.

Meanwhile, Back in Fairyland

As Sookie and Warlow bask in post coital bliss, he brings up marriage and tells her that their tryst “wasn’t just simple infatuation.” The moment is interrupted when Sookie hears a familiar voice faintly crying in the background.

She uses her faerie magic to teleport back to the Bon Temps cemetery, where she finds Arlene crying her eyes out over Terry’s death. Sookie asks Arlene what happend and she explains that she is falling apart and doesn’t know how to tell her kids. Sookie tells her she is strong and she will help her get through this and tell her kids about Terry.

Dammit Terry!

Sookie takes Arlene back to the Bellefleur house and Holly meets them at the front door. Arlene sees Lafayette, demanding to know what was in the safe deposit box, and she attacks him, hysterically blames him for Terry’s death and calls him a “voodoo queer.”

Andy defuses the situation by telling Arlene he will help her tell her kids about Terry and takes her out of the room.

Later, Lafayette and Sookie go together to find out what Terry put in that safety deposit box, and what they find is a life insurance policy worth two million dollars.

Jessica Gets Some Vampire Lovin’ 

Jason, who successfully weaseled his way into the camp as a guard last week, has Jessica brought to him, and he tells her that he wants to save her, but she expresses anguish over being a vampire and tells him that there’s nothing he can do to alter her fate. She asks him to arrange a meeting between her and James, the vampire who refused to rape her during the “copulation study,” so that she can “thank” him.

Jessica tells the respectable vampire gentleman/male model that he restored her faith in the humanity that members of the undead can have. She learns that his punishment for not having sex with her was having one of his fangs removed (ouch!).

She warns him about the Hep V and then tells him that since they’re all probably going to die, her last wish is for him to make love to her, since she’s never been with a vampire. She does point out that it’s an ironic request. Yes Jessica, it’s super super ironic! What a way to say thank you!

The (Day) Walking Dead

Sookie and Lafayette join Andy and Holly in comforting (a very drunk) Arlene at the Bellefleur house when Bill just ups and walks in with no invitation like the badass that he is.

Considering it’s daytime, this prompts a very appropriate “Holy fuck” response from Sookie. Though Bill (as usual) looks like he’s about to rip someone’s head off (something he literally did last week), he kindly pays his respects to Arlene and Andy, telling them that he’s sorry for their respective losses.

Bill then tells Andy that as fathers, they must protect their daughters. We think Andy got the message. Bill asks Sookie to speak with him in private, and he instructs her to bring him Warlow or endure the death of most of her vamp friends.

Other Notable Moments 

When Sam left town, we knew it would only be a matter of time before he had a reason to come back. He gets one when he calls Lafayette and learns of Terry’s death. He tells Nicole to have her mother come pick her up because he’s returning to Bon Temps, which is not an option for her. Hot shower sex follows.

When Alcide drops his dad off at his trailer, his dad asks him to stay and warns that pack life isn’t for either of them and maybe one day he’ll realize it. But Alcide ignores his father’s warning, and returns to his pack and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead and Emma is with Martha. But somehow Rikki captures Nicole and her mother somewhere along the way, and calls Alcide out as a liar after she brings them out, tied up, gagged and (understandably) scared shitless. Maybe now Alcide will listen to his old dad.

As Pam has sex with her psychiatrist, the newly in charge Sarah gets the guards to wound Jason and throws him to the female vamps. Tara, who happens to be in the cell, exclaims “back off bitches.” Then some vampire girl named Violet says “he’s mine.” Who is this woman, and what are her plans with Jason?

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