We had a hunch that the earlier episodes of “True Blood” Season 6 were setting us up for something BIG and boy were we right. Last night’s episode was somewhat slow moving, but allowed for the audience to take in each scene, making many of the plot-lines sink in gradually until … all hell broke loose.

Fight til the Death 

When we last saw Pam and Eric, they were thrown together in an observation room and encouraged to kill one another by Sarah, Steve, and the governor.

What makes the scene great, is that you have no idea where it’s going to go. It’s not hard to imagine Pam stabbing Eric. After all, characters have a tendency to completely loose their sense of humanity (see: Bill). To say that Pam isn’t too thrilled about Eric making another vampire is an understatement, but instead of the two attacking one another, they kill one of the guards and it is blood splattered-tastic.

Pissed, the governor confines Eric to a cage and makes him watch as Nora is injected with a disease deadly to vampires known as “Hepatitis V.” Luckily, he is able to summon Willa, who glamors one of the guards and breaks him and Nora out of there.

Eric put on the guard’s clothing and dressed Nora as one of the camp’s workers. As we have learned, Eric impersonating a human is pretty much as good as it gets. Eric then discovers a back room where Tru Blood is being manufactured, but poisoned with Hep V.

Jason Gets a Case of the Smarts

In a rare smart moment, Jason joins the security team at the vampire camp. His plan is almost destroyed when Sarah finds him out. But Jason isn’t having any of that and he threatens to  grab her by her “pretty little Texas balls” and threatens to expose her for the “whore for Christ” she really is. Go Jason!

Of course, Sarah doesn’t take this lying down and forces Jessica to participate in a “copulation study” with another vampire as Jason watches. But the male vamp isn’t having it and refuses to have sex with Jessica against her will. They have pretty great chemistry and he seems really nice, but what an incredibly awkward way to have met.

Lost in a Magical Fairyland 

As Sookie nearly drowns as the hands of Lafayette (who is possessed by her crazy ass daddy), Bill can feel that she’s in danger and is clearly bothered by this. Maybe he does have a soul.  Just at the moment she’s about to die, Warlow rescues her and boy does he look attractive when wet. Does this mean that Bill commanded him to save her? He is technically his maker, after all.

Sookie encourages Warlow to blast Lafayette with his light and he basically pukes out the spirit of Sookie’s crazy dad. But Sookie isn’t moved by seeing the resurrected form of her dead father (he did try to kill her after all). She tells him to “Get the fuck out of my life, forever,” and he does.

When Bill attempts to summon Warlow, Sookie takes him to fairyland where they can safely hide away from him.

Warlow makes Sookie tie him up (oohh, kinky!), so that he doesn’t hurt her come nightfall. What is it about a man wanting to kill you that’s so attractive in these supernatural stories? (See: “Twilight”)

The two end up having a heart-to-heart. You know how it is when you tie up a guy that wants to kill you with vines and he you end up spilling your guts to him. Weirdest date ever!

What follows is one of the most unexpected and wildest sex scenes in True Blood history. Sookie lets Warlow drink her blood and then she drinks his! Once they’re high on each others’ blood, Sookie straddles the tied up fairy vamp (but not before she performs a strip tease for him). Then the two have wild fairy sex as their lights intertwine.

This is the End

Rumors have been swirling for some time that a major character was going to meet their demise. It seemed pretty likely that it would be Bill or even Eric (though surely a boycott would ensue if that happened).

Last night, we found out it’s Terry. Despite, the fact that those close to him arranged for him to be glamored into forgetting the war and the fact that he killed someone, that Marine buddy that he asked to kill him does in fact do so. Talk about following through in the worst way possible.

Heads Will Roll

When Bill discovers (via Lilith) that the governor has Jessica, he drinks his entire supply of Warlow’s blood and walks out into the sunlight. He confronts the governor and his men and it’s clear that they don’t know who the hell they’re dealing with.

Bill is not only able to survive being shot at, he’s also able to make the guards shoot one another. And holy shit is it epic! If that wasn’t enough awesome, our favorite godlike vampy, rips the governor’s head clean off. Bill, we take back everything we said. We love you. You are great!

Other Notable Moments

At Nicole’s insistence, Sam takes Emma back to her grandmother. Alcide, who’s been hot on Sam’s trail, banishes him from Bon Temps. Unfortunately, this whole storyline was pretty much a snooze the whole way through. How many times are we going to see Sam flee from town?


As we’ve said many times, this season has been one of the best because it’s taken the show’s strongest themes (discrimination, equality, acceptance) to a whole new level.  This makes the news that the show will have a seventh season all the more fangtastic.

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