Last night’s “True Blood” happened to be one of the most unique and surprising episodes in some time, proving yet again that the show has picked up some serious steam.

Season three has become somewhat of an homage to the show’s earlier seasons. Not only are much of the same themes and metaphors being reintroduced, but a few characters (however small) have also resurfaced. This time, it’s the late night store clerk we saw in the the opening sequence of the pilot episode.

Brain Freeze

It only took Jason being in a daze and falling over unconscious for those around him to realize he needs some serious medical attention. Side note: Most fans probably chuckled as Sookie could be heard in the background calling an ambulance and describing where her home is located–don’t they have the directions to her house memorized at this point? But before we have a second to speculate as to what the heck is going on with that boy, a bombshell is dropped. Ben’s fangs come out and he feeds Jason his blood to heal him. Apparently, he’s a fairy vampire (who can walk in the daylight). Talk about a WTF moment.

Does that mean a vampire and human can make a baby? If so, how has Sookie managed to avoid giving birth to a little baby Bill or Eric? Maybe it just means that when a fairy is turned, they don’t lose their fairy powers. Rad!

Shower Power

Thankfully for us, Jason downing Ben’s blood means he now has sexy dreams about him (cue suggestive shaving moment). It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good human-on-vamp fantasy sequence. Remember when Sookie couldn’t stop thinking about getting it on with Eric or that time Sam dreamed about almost getting in the shower with Bill? Those were the days!

It doesn’t take long before Sookie figures out Ben is Warlow but she keeps the information to herself. Jason and Niall come to the same conclusion and they too keep their discovery on the DL. Sookie’s plan to deal with the troubling situation is to seduce and poison Ben while Jason and Grandpa Niall decide to confront him while he showering. We like Sookie’s plan better.

Jason and Niall’s approach goes awry because Ben was only pretending to get into the shower — he had a towel around his waist and everything. He glamours Jason (in his secret British accent) and tells him to say goodbye to Grandpa. Guess this means we’re denied a Ben shower scene. In the words of Liz Lemon, “Nerds!”

“Twilight” a la Mode

Tara unsuccessfully attempts to keep the governor’s daughter away from Eric, which results in a delicious confrontation between the 1,000 year old Swede and the no nonsense undead newbie. It’s almost criminal that these two have hardly had any scenes together over the course of the show’s six year run.

Eric quickly locates his nightgown wearing hostage and in one of the sexiest scenes in the show’s run, turns her. At his insistence, she returns to her father now having become the very thing he despises — pretty much the equivalent of a staunchly conservative politician finding out they have a gay son.

But before Willa is able to appeal to her father’s sympathy, Sarah Newlin (who has apparently been getting it on with the governor) tazes her. If Michelle Bachman and Anne Coulter had a baby, it would be Sarah Newlin.

More Fairies, More Problems

Raising kids is hard enough, but raising fairy kids is a complete nightmare. Just ask Andy and Terry. Not only can the girls read their deepest thoughts (they know Terry killed Patrick), they literally grow up overnight. And now that they’re teenagers, they’re “bored,” so they decide to steal their father’s squad car and go out for a late-night joy ride so they can get some beer and cigarettes and “party!!!” before they turn 30.

As expected, Bill pursues the girls because he needs to feast on the juicy goodness that is fairy blood (as do his vamp associates) in order to survive impending mass execution he so fervently believes is going to take place.

Jessica cleverly lures them to her and Bill’s house and when one of the girls shows an interest in Bill (pervalicious!), he obtains a sample of her blood using a fancy extracting device. Despite being provided with a sample, the professor and inventor of True Blood is unable to synthesize it. Clearly he needs a crash course in Dealing with Bill 101, because no one says “no” to Bill. He’s going to have to figure out how to make Bill happy or die trying.

A bit later, Bill hears Jessica screaming upstairs and when he rushes to her aid, he finds all four of sheriff Bellefleur’s fairy teen daughters lying on the floor unconscious. “Please tell me they’re not dead!” a sobbing Jessica pleads.

What Lies…or Dies Ahead 

Sookie and Ben start getting freaky until she seductively whispers, “Get off me or die, Warlow!” and whips out her magical fairy light that she can only use one time before her powers run out. Unfortunately, that’s where the episode left off, so one can only imagine what’s going to happen next.

When Sheriff Andy goes out looking for her four daughters (between 10 and 50 years of age, and between 4 feet and 6 feet tall — such accurate descriptions!), Jason tells him that “faeries are like catnip to vampires,” which makes the Sheriff suddenly realize what has happen and he rushes right over to Bill’s house.

Sam Merlotte rescues Nicole after the werewolves have slaughtered her friends. Nicole received a nasty wolf bite, so Sam shifts into a horse and carries her away to safety. As they sit on a motel bed, Sam and Nicole comfort each other, they kiss, and then one thing leads to another. Clearly, she hasn’t gotten the memo regarding what usually happens to the women that get involved with Sam.

Also… it turns out, Bill’s vision of vamps meeting their death is slowly turning into a reality. At this point, Nora, Pam and Willa have all been captured by the human authorities and we can only assume that list is going to grow.

Surprisingly, Ginger (who is back to her shrieking self) has also been captured for failing to provide the governor with the details of Eric and Willa’s whereabouts, and, ya know, because she associates with those pesky vampers.

Next week is going to be SO… GOOD!

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