Beyonce is definitely pregnant!

The singer, who is reportedly at least 8 or even 9 months pregnant by now, tried to keep a low profile as she did some last minute Christmas shopping with her mother Tina Knowles in Vancouver (Canada) recently.

Beyonce’s highly protective bodyguards stayed close to her and made sure no one snapped any pics, however, the store’s security cameras captured a few grainy shots of the pregnant singer as she browsed around the store and checked out their baby section … and it appears that she’s finally showing off that baby weight everybody’s been dying to see.

One more photo of Big Beyonce (via Necole Bitchie) below:

Guess those pesky surrogate rumors can finally be put to rest now.

Speaking of those rumors … for shits and giggles, check out these two painfully obvious “blind items” this website that specializes in that sorta thing post last week:

“Blind Item” #1 – What To Expect When Floppy’s Expecting:

Well, this certainly has been the most incredible pregnancy ever! Bellies growing and shrinking! Breasts swelling and flattening! Prosthetics flopping and popping!

Frankly, all this trickery is exhausting, and hasn’t been nearly as convincing as she hoped it would be. Therefore, Floppy will be keeping a low profile for the next month.

So, she’s not really pregnant, but there will be a baby soon. And Floppy has been very busy behind the scenes shaking that baby money tree! Some money is going out (payments to medical professionals who will swear that they were there for the birth), but much, much more money will be coming in.

She will be making money off of the fake story of the baby’s birth (which will be a C-section for Real Mommy but a “vaginal” delivery for Floppy). And more money off of the baby photos. And the story of how important it is to her that she “breast-feeds” her baby. And the story of how she lost the “baby weight”. And the photos of her “new” body (with no stretch marks!) achieved with grueling workouts and healthy eating. And more stories about how amazingly fast she got back into shape and got back to work. What an incredible woman! Hey, there’s serious money to be made off of this baby, and you can be sure that Floppy will “milk” it for all it’s worth.

“Blind Item” #2 – You Probably Wouldn’t Notice Her:

She was brought in from outside the United States. She only speaks Spanish (or Portuguese?), and has a child who is approximately Kindergarten age. She is fairly attractive, looks like she is in her late twenties, and has thick, dark brown hair and medium-colored skin. You probably wouldn’t notice her if she was walking down the street. However, it doesn’t really matter what she looks like, as she is simply the Surrogate for a baby that is a genetic combination of the soon-to-be Mom and Dad.

The Surrogate is currently living on the Lower West Side of Manhattan with her first child in a very nice apartment. She is not married, and does not really know anyone in New York, but she does want to stay here once the birth is over. The apartment is being paid for by the Couple. The Surrogate is well-cared for by a full-time staff person and there is always a doctor or nurse on call. She looks like she is approximately eight months pregnant, and is clearly much bigger than the Mom, who is simply playing pregnant.

By the way, the Mom was physically capable of bearing her own child, but she didn’t want to “ruin” her body.

SMDH at the great lengths people go just to keep a rumor going…

[Photos: Necole Bitchie]

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