And you thought your mother was bad??  Bet she has nothing on this piece of scum named Felicia Rea McClure, who Utah police allege to have charged a man $10,000 if he wanted to have sex with her 13-year old daughter! (Sick right?)

Police were alerted to the abuse by McClure’s boyfriend, who discovered text messages between her and “Don” discussing the sale. McClure was booked on charges of felony aggravated sex abuse of a child and felony sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to her statement, McClure and daughter “modeled bras and thongs for the prospective customer,” apparently together, at home and at Victoria’s Secret. Pictures of the girl were sent (for a price) to someone named “Will”

Now this crazy excuse for a mother is facing 15 to life.

Hopefully somebody sells HER in prison so she can see how it feels.


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