Dominique Wilkins doesn’t mind blacking up an eye or two when it’s necessary…

Last night, the NBA legend was allegedly attacked by another man (the guy on the right) after an NBA game……but not to our surprise, stood his ground and ended up giving the fella a “present” to take back home with him.

Read more below:

Cops in Atlanta tell TMZ … Wilkins was conducting a live broadcast after the Atlanta Hawks game last night at Philips Arena, when 36-year-old Rashan Michel began “cursing at him.”

Cops say Michel was confronting Wilkins about a $13,000 debt the former NBAer allegedly owed him for dress suits.

Cops say Michel followed Wilkins across the basketball court and allegedly started swinging … hitting a security guard in the face and Wilkins in the chest.

Michel was eventually subdued, arrested, and booked for one count of simple battery.

Wilkins — who did not report any injuries after the fight — played for the Hawks from 1982-1994 and currently serves as the team’s vice president. The incident was first published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


We bet that punk will think twice next time before running up on Dominique Wilkins. That ain’t no small fight to pick!

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