Jagged Edge is trying to make a comeback….

After multiple set-backs and signing a new deal with Slip N Slide records, the R&B group are coming out with a new album titled The Remedy.

Group member Richard Wingo tells MTV: “We’re trying to bring back black love. That’s what sets us apart from a lot of the music: It’s not just sex, it’s love involved. That’s what people need more of today. They need to put down their guns a little more.”

“We wanted to go back and touch on it a little bit. It’s just fun: We always been big on titles. If you go back throughout our albums, we have songs like ‘Head of the Household’ and ‘Respect,’ just a bunch of great titles for songs. We put a lot of thought into the titles, and at the end of the day, it was a perfect title for the album.”

Their forthcoming LP is due in March.

What are your thoughts???