When Kat Stacks first started name dropping male celebs she had sex with earlier this year, “the Internet went nuts” (as she says)…..for all of the wrong reasons, of course. Now, the Internet can go nuts for all of the right reasons.

According to several confirmed reports, our favorite Superhead wannabe is being DEPORTED back to her home country of Venezuela as soon as THIS WEEK following a recent arrest!

Hit the link below for the details…

According to the Nashville Criminal Justice Center, Kat Stacks (real name: Andrea Herrera-Cardena) was detained in Nashville, TN this past Friday (Nov 5), just 3 days after her 21st birthday. Stacks was arrested under an immigration hold and is currently being held without bail as she deals with immigration issues surrounding her status as a citizen here in the U.S.

“She didn’t get arrested for a state charge, so she must’ve missed an immigration court date in the past. Once that happens they start looking for you and once they got you… it’s a wrap,” says Miss Pugh, a police assistant at Nashville’s CJC. (VIBE)

Pugh also says that Stacks is under an immigration hold and has a 90% chance of being deported to Venezuela as early as THIS WEEK. Pugh added that most of the time, illegal aliens are sent back to their home country within 7 days of detainment, but if Stacks decides to seek counsel, she could possibly buy some time.

Story developing…

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