Wow!! This is some crazy sh**!

Ever seen the movie “A Thin Line Between Love & Hate?” Well it seems like there may have been a real-life case of that between former Playboy Playmate Angela Dorian and her boyfriend!!

Peep the full story below!!

According to TMZ, 66-year-old Dorian — aka Victoria Rathgeb — aka Victoria Vetri — (currently 5’5″, 110 lbs) was arrested late Saturday night after SHOOTING her boyfriend — and is still behind bars with bail being set at $1,000,000.

Law enforcement sources tell us … they believe Dorian and her BF were having an argument that turned physical — and that’s when Dorian grabbed a handgun and fired at least one shot into her boyfriend’s upper body. The boyfriend was rushed to a nearby hospital — we’re told he’s expected to survive.

When authorities first arrived to the scene, Dorian told cops that her boyfriend was shot by a drug dealer. If convicted, Dorian could face up to life in prison..

People these days… SMH!