You tell him girl! (LOL)

Young actress Hayden Panettiere apparently got extra heated a few weeks ago when she was refused entry into a nightclub that she claims she goes to all the time.

The “Heroes” actress was said to have gotten into a shouting match with a bouncer outside Villa, a popular nightclub in Los Angeles, after he told her that she couldn’t come in because she didn’t have her ID.

β€œAre you kidding me?” a confused Hayden said, according to the National Enquirer. β€œI come here all the time. Why is this an issue NOW? I turn 21 in a couple of weeks…so what the hell is your problem?”

Fortunately for Hayden though, she turns 21 years old TODAY and will never have to worry about being denied entry into a spot again because of her age! She just needs to make sure she has her ID on her πŸ˜›

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

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